The most powerful
workout tracker

Choose or create a workout

Pick one of the many great workouts that ship with Ignite or create your own workout. Choose from over 500 exercises to add to your workout.

Log workout results

Ignite helps you set your workout goals and lets you log results accordingly. Tracking workouts has never been this easy and fun.

Track your Progress

Get insights in your past workout results and find out how you’re progressing through useful stats and beautiful graphs.

Tons of exercises

Ignite ships with over 500 exercises you can add to your workout. Choose whichever one you like. There are more than enough exercises to target every muscle in your body. Ignite even shows what equipment an exercise requires.

Super easy workout logging

Ignite’s beautiful user interface lets you focus on what’s important and helps you log every set in your workout. Swipe through the exercises cards within your workout and tap on one to start logging your reps and the weight lifted for each set.

Workout History

Get useful insights in your progress by checking out your past workout results. Review every rep and set you did in the past.
Beautiful graphs included!

Share your results

What better way to take pride in your results than to share them? Add a note to describe how your workout went and share through Twitter.


Ignite has tons of smart timers. Set resting timers in between sets. Set a countdown timer for timed set and get notified when you're up to do the next set.

Data backup

Not only the workouts you’ve created are backed up. All your logged workout results workout history and even the entire workouts are automically backed up to iCloud.

Start using ignite for free

Ignite is available for free on the Apple App Store. Start tracking your fitness and bodybuilding achievements today, using the most powerful workout tracker for iPhone.